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Ethnic origin: mixed up
Macedonian, Greek, German, Romanian, Czech/Slovak, Hungarian

Christian Orthodox (belonging to the autocephalus Macedonian Orthodox Church)

to my intellectual family and my Grand Mother - Sofija Gjorgjevska.

Development of domestic political career:
- Since age of 18 member of the Liberal Party and the Liberal Union of Youth (LUM)
- In 1993 elected member of the first City Board of LUM in Skopje.
- In 1994 at the LUM's second General Assembly elected member of the LUM National Committee and the Executive Board
- 1994-1998 elected International Officer of LUM
- After merger of the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party in 1997, member of the Liberal Democratic Party and LiDeM - Liberal Democratic Youth
- 1999 elected member of the National Committee of LDP
- 2001 acting International Officer of LDP
- 2003 [youngest ever] elected member of the Executive Board of LDP
- 2004 elected Chair of LDP Board for International Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration

Development of international political career:
- 06 December 1997, at General Assembly of IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal Youth), in Bulgaria, IFLRY Vice President
28 November 1999, at IFLRY GA in Germany elected IFLRY Secretary General
- 24 November 2001, at IFLRY GA in Belgium, elected IFLRY President
- March 2002, at Liberal International Congress in Hungary, elected LI Vice President
- October 2003, at LI Congress in Senegal, re-elected LI Vice President
- 22 November 2003, at IFLRY GA in the Netherlands, re-elected IFLRY President
- 14 October 2005, at LI Congress in Bulgaria, re-elected LI Vice President

Membership in other organisations:
- 1997 - , Young European Federalists - JEF, Macedonia section
- 1999 - , Rotaract Club Skopje. The sponsor of the Club is the Rotary Club Skopje, a club member of Rotary International

In the period April 2000 - January 2002 I worked in the Council of Europe's Directorate of Youth and Sport. My working responsibilities included the development of the youth policies and programmes in South East Europe, implementation of the internet work of the CoE-EU Partnership agreement on youth, support the management of the Solidarity Fund for Youth Mobility, and assistance in the training programmes.

Graduated Computer Sciences at the Electrical Engineering Faculty (ETF) in Skopje. in March 2000. Education received in computer programming (programming languages: Basic, Pascal, SQL, LISP and PROLOG, some basic knowledge of JAVA, C and C++). Interested in the networks, especially in Internet.



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