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As the International Officer of LUM/LiDeM (elected on this post in December 1994) I have participated on large number of events, both on national and international level. The international events which I've attended are given in order as they took place:
  • 1993, July
Participation on the IBG Summer Work Camp dedicated to environmental issues 
in Freudenstadt, Germany (not as LUM member)
  • 1994, August
Participation on a Summer Work Camp on Illes de Frioul, France (not through LUM)
  • 1994, October
Visit of the delegation of the Young Liberals of Denmark (VU) to LUM, Macedonia
  • 1994, October
Visit of the Liberal International delegation to the Liberal Party of Macedonia
  • 1994, December
IFLRY seminar "Nationalism vs. Multicultural Socitety" in the European Youth Center in Strasbourg, France
  • 1995, March
LYMEC Seminar "The Role of the Trade Unions in the EU" and Congress in Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom (LUM was then admitted as an observer member of LYMEC)
  • 1995, May
IFLRY Seminar "The Future of the International Cooperation" and Executive Committee meeting in Kampen, the Netherlands (LUM accepted as a candidate member of IFLRY)
  • 1995, July
Attending the ELDR Congress as a delegate of the Liberal Party of Macedonia, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1995, July
Participation on the European Youth Week in Strasbourg, France as a representative of IFLRY
  • 1995, December
Visit of the delegation of the Young German Liberlas (JuLi's) to the LUM annual Assembly in Skopje, Macedonia
  • 1996, February
FNSt Seminar "The Intergenerational Equity" in Konstanz  followed by the Congress of JuLi's in Stutgart, Germany
  • 1996, April
FNSt internal seminar on functional matters of the Foundation
  • 1996, May
IFLRY Seminar "The Youth Unemployment" and Executive Committee meeing in Skopje, Macedonia
  • 1996, July
French language course offered by the Council of Europe through IFLRY, Belgium
  • 1996, August
Attending the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, USA
  • 1996, October
Visit of the Mediteranean Committee of VU (Denmark ) to Macedonia
  • 1996, November
IFLRY General Assembly in Jerusalem, Israel (LUM became full member of IFLRY)
  • 1996, December
Participation on the Democracy Project (among NUV, LUF, MLBiH, RDYF and LUM) in Skopje, Macedonia including the LUM annual Assembly
  •  1997, March
Attending the Congress of JuLi's in Koeln followed by the FNSt Seminar "The Basic Principles of Liberalism" in Lauenburg, Germany
  • 1997, May
IFLRY Executive Committee meeting in Bucharest, Romania
  • 1997, May
Accompaigning the LI / FNSt delegation to Kosovo (Serbia) and Montenegro, FR Yugoslavia
  • 1997, August
Participation on the Democracy Project in Norway and Sweden
  • 1997, August
LUM visit to the VU in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1997, September
French language course (follow up) organized by the CoE through IFLRY, Paris, France
  • 1997, September
Attending the ELDR Congress as a guest, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1997, October
Participation on the Democracy Project in Oxford and London, England, UK
  • 1997, October
Participation on the Democracy Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • 1997, October
LYMEC seminar "The Future of the European Welfare State", Konstanz, Germany
  • 1997, November
LYMEC Extraordinary Congress, Konstanz, Germany
  • 1997, November
IFLRY Seminar: "What Europe", Borovetz, Bulgaria
  • 1997, December
IFLRY Executive Committee and General Assembly, Borovetz, Bulgaria 
Elected as a Vice-President of IFLRY
  • 1997, December
Attending the annual Congress of MLD, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1998, January
Obesrver - LDR Group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
  • 1998, January
Participation on the Federal Congress of LHG, Mannheim, Germany
  • 1998, February
IFLRY seminar: "Human Rights", Strasbourg, France
  • 1998, March
Participation on the LYMEC Congress, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1998, April
Executive Committee of the European Youth Forum - IFLRY delegate, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 1998, May
IFLRY Seminar: "Ethnic and National Minorities" Berlin, Germany
  • 1998, May
IFLRY Executive Committee meeting, Berlin, Germany
  • 1998, July
Participation on the training course for International Youth Leaders, ESONE (Hellenic National Youth Council), Athens, Greece
  • 1998, July
European Youth Forum Study Visit to Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

IFLRY = International Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth
LYMEC = Liberal and Radical Youth of the EU
LUM = Liberal Union of Youth
LiDeM = Liberal Democratic Youth
FNSt= Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

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