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Rotaract Joint Project
Helping People Who Suffer
(RTC Bishop,CA,USA and RTC Skopje, MKD)

The Rotaract Clubs of Bishop (California, USA) and Rotaract Club of Skopje (Macedonia) have started a joinft project to help the victims of the war in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The recent bombardment of NATO on Yugoslavia and the attocities caused by the Serbian military in Kosovo have left a lot of people wounded, homeless and caused enormous number of refugees fleeing their homes.

Many of these people have found thier safety in the Republic of Macedonia. Next to the disaster in Kosovo and the rest of Yugoslavia this has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Macedonia. With a fragile economy and 35% official unemplyment figure, and with more then 130.000 refugees Macedonia has no means to support the refugees and is in front of ecomonical collapse.

The collected funds will be used to bring food, water and emergency medical supplies to refugees and displaced people directly affected by recent events in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the neighbouring countries.